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Usiscript Schema

UsiScript : Your Script Factory

What is this tool !?

Usiscript is a tool that allow you to create a shell (or Python) script, and this online.

Main ideas / good principles of UsiScript

    After creation, you can :
  • Copy/past the unique script url and send it to a friend.
  • Manage who can see it (private group or public).
  • See/Rollback an old version.
  • See the last user name and modification date.
  • Download the script.

Search Scripts and mementos

    Search Engine :
  • If you remember you've already code a script = find it using the search engine, instead of redo your work.
  • Search if somebody has already code something that you're looking for (instead of reinvent the wheel, or just to have some inspiration).
  • If you've lost the ID url of your script : It's not lost, you will find it again by search key words
  • You can create some documentation, Mementos or cheat sheet/Reminder. Select 'Text' like the language

Share and work with your friends / Colleagues

    Make it easier to code together :
  • Each modification = one version saved. So easy to see and retrieved the changements.
  • Each modification = last date and last writter register. Easy to see the history of the source code.
  • We see the name/pseudo of the writter. So you can
  • 1 url for 1 script.
  • All these features, options and tools = Make Usiscript your Script Factory !

Useful external website

UsiScript UsiScript Create shell script online. This tool help you to buit administration script. Its quicker and easier. Add to this you can manage your shell script after and share them or work with colleagues for collaborative work.