Example of usage - 1

A the begenning, your arrive on the welcome page.
Usiscript example usage 1.1

1 - Choose your language + Your action(s) + Submit
Usiscript example usage 1.2

Example - Here we have choosen the language "Bash" + We want to check if the file 'myfile.txt' exists + we submit the page
Usiscript example usage 1.3

2 - Usiscript convert your choice to a source code
Usiscript example usage 1.4

Usiscript is a tool that allow you to create a shell script, and this online.

    After creation, you can :
  • Copy/past the unique script url to a friend.
  • Manage who can see it (private group or public).
  • See/Rollback an old version.
  • See the last user name and modification date.
  • Download the script.

See a description of Usiscript
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